Whatever your musical instrument needs, we have the service and experience to serve them.

Ardsley Musical Instrument Service, Ltd., located at 120 Saw Mill River Road, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706, provides a safe, convenient setting for parents to bring their children to be outfitted for their music education needs. Parking is free!

Upon entering the office music students and parents will see a wide assortment of band and orchestral instruments on display. Available to sample are numerous brands of flutes, piccolos, and clarinets. For the saxophone player, the choices range from a durable student model up to a handmade special instrument finished with gold and ebony. Players of brass instruments, such as trumpets and trombones will similarly be excited by the opportunity to sample instruments from many manufacturers.

Violins, violas, and cellos differ from band instruments in that each instrument has a personality of its own. Unlike other instruments, those of the string family are constructed entirely of wood, a natural product rather than man-made metal or plastic. Since each tree is different, each piece of wood used will be unique, and each instrument will be totally individual.

This being the case, Ardsley Music offers a vast array of string instruments in all sizes. Always available in our inventory is a selection which includes everything from student level instruments imported from all countries to hand-crafted instruments made from start to finish by select luthiers in Italy, Poland, Germany, Romania, France, as well as other countries.

If you are not quite ready to buy an instrument, our musical instrument rental department offers all instruments for rental at rates guaranteed to be lower than those of any other service. You can choose from a number of rental programs ranging from a straight inexpensive rental to an upgrade program. A client can also select a rental with option to buy plan or even rent a professional quality instrument of choice through our Virtuoso program for the gifted.

Whether you buy or rent an instrument from Ardsley Music, you can be assured of having the support services needed to maintain that instrument. Every instrument is prepared by our staff technicians, and is then tested by a specialist to ensure that it is ready to be enjoyed by a new player.

Most important is the fact that AMIS has on premises a fully-equipped repair shop manned by trained and experienced technicians. We never have to send our repairs out for service. Specialty stations set up for different families of instruments include the woodwind station, where flutes, clarinets, oboes, and bassoons are serviced; a brass repair station equipped with the latest technology for dent removal, relacquering, soldering and slide repair; and a luthier’s bench, where instruments from the string family are restored and maintained to the peak of their performance potential.

A comprehensive assortment of accessories, music supplies, and printed music is always available to assist in the learning experience. AMIS even stocks musical theme gift items for the holidays, graduation, or as a special thought for a teacher, family member, or friend.

If a parent or student has a problem or question related to music study, an experienced, licensed, music education counselor is always available.

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