Our History

Ardsley Musical Instrument Service was founded in January of 1972 by Dr. Michael J. Pagliaro, at that time an instrumental music teacher in the public schools. His was an act of desperation, for he and his students had suffered twenty years with rental instruments that just did not work. It was time to remedy the situation, and he did. The philosophy of his new company would be to act in the interest of the consumer, i.e., the student and parent, and expect any financial remuneration only as the by-product of a job well done.

It worked!

Ardsley Music, now operated by Michael Jr. and his sister, Christine, serves ten thousand customers a year with rental instruments which are immaculately clean and functioning perfectly at the time of rental. Repairs are performed by professionally trained technicians in a new, fully-equipped, on-site 2000 square foot repair shop. AMIS offers a variety of instrument rental programs, a discount instrument sales program which defies that of the biggest discount dealers in the country, an international Internet sales program which supplies the world with all band and orchestral instruments, and above all, a level of courteous service which transcends that of any other music company. For additional information on the Internet, check eBay under “Instrumentguy.”

How Did They Do That?

The staff at AMIS is composed of professionally trained music educators, technicians, and project administrators dedicated to the original business philosophy stated above that the primary function of a music education service business should not be to earn profit alone. Yes, profit is necessary for survival, however, profit which is a by-product of providing an on-going , high level service is greater and more enduring than that resulting from a “make a quick buck” attitude.

Our staff holds fifteen earned university degrees all related to music, education, business, and the music industry. Among these degrees are: five Bachelors of Arts; two Bachelors of Business Administration; three Masters of Arts; one Master of Business Administration; one Doctor of Philosophy in Education; one Doctor of Philosophy in Musical Instrument Manufacturing; one Doctor of Science in Musical Instrument Technology; and one Doctor of Philosophy in Information Systems. AMIS also holds membership in the National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians; National Association of Music Merchants; Music Educators National Conference; Suzuki Association of the Americas; New York State School Music Association; and National String Teachers Association.

Why Choose Ardsley Music?